Learning from many different Librarians

Ok first time blogging…

Today I visited a plethora of blogs from various librarians. Since I one day I plan to be a school librarian I thought this would be a great place to start. After reading over many blogs, I am truly excited to become a Media Specialist and am very happy with my decision to start this process at McDaniel. While perusing through the blogs I wanted to see how librarians are utilizing their blogs in the classroom and in their school’s community. I hope you enjoy the blogs that I have chosen as much I do.

Library Chats

Mrs. Chase is a Teacher-Librarian in the state of Massachusetts. Her blog is a way for her to convey information about what she does each day in the library. I love her enthusiasm and the joy that she seems to bring to her students. Most posts involve events that are going on throughout the school and things that she is doing to connect the library with the classroom.

One of my favorites posts was Welcome Back. The class that I just took “Instructional Collaboration” discussed Stripling’s Inquiry Model and I love how Mrs. Chase applied this strategy and made an easy poster for students to understand. Another connection I had with this post was the fact that Mrs. Chase made sure to site her resources. In this class we are learning about copyright laws and it was wonderful to see the examples that Mrs. Chase is exhibiting. Another one of my favorite posts is  We are dancing and reading. In this post Mrs. Chase discusses the events that happened during their assembly at the school. She does a program called Fit & Lit where the students keep track of the number of minutes they read and exercise each day. Students are then rewarded with shoe charms for the amount of minutes that they turn in. Mrs. Chase also gives the students guidelines for reading and I have to post them because I love her ideas! 


  • Students may include times they read to themselves.
  • Listen to books on tape.
  • Listen when being read aloud to by another person.
  • Reading their music when practicing their musical instrument.

Bull Dog Readers

The next site that I visited I thought would be all about animal books or something of that nature, but I was pleasantly surprised. Mrs. Hembree is the library media specialist/teacher-librarian at a K-6 grade school of about 400 students in Seattle, Washington. From reading her blog posts I can tell that she is very enthusiastic about what she does and is also very tech savvy.

One of the first places that I visited on this blog was the student created book trailers. It was wonderful to see all of the books that her students have read and then awesome to see the trailers that were created by her students. I love the idea of having book previews and it’s definitely something that I think I could incorporate into my classroom library one day. The next place that I stumbled onto was the Writing Comments page. I love love love how Mrs. Hembree give the viewers guidelines to writing a comment on her page. The comment rules were another favorite part of this section for me. It all ties back into what this class that I am taking talks about having a positive digital footprint. The last thing that I want to share is the blog post from June 6th called zoo animal mysteries. I love how in this blog Mrs. Hembree shared the students version of their very own Zoo Animal Mystery through Microsoft PowerPoint.

The Library Patch

The last blog that I visited is run by Sonya Dykeman. She is a 3rd year librarian that teaches in an elementary school in upstate New York. One thing that drew me into her blog was the first post that I saw about virtual collaborations. I am still very new to the world of blogging and virtual collaboration and it was great to see a librarian who is willing to try new things.

My Library Allstars is the first post that I really liked because Mrs. Dykeman listed the most popular books that are checked out amongst her students. This was very interesting to me because I am not yet a librarian and am not always sure what books students are interested in. I think this could be a very helpful post to those who are just starting as a librarian and need to know what’s popular. Next I love this idea for the last days of school Do they know their ABCs… In this post Mrs. Dykeman shares a worksheet that she uses for students to record their information about  a fact of a topic that begins with each letter of the alphabet. I think that the kids would get really into an assignment like this and they would need to know how to use the internet and/or how to find books within the library. What a great way to put all of the things that they have learned together at the end of the year. Great idea!

When I am a librarian…

I think it would be a great idea for me to keep a blog as a librarian. Each blog that I found had a different use and different ideas. As a librarian it is great to reach out to others to get new ideas and blogging is a great form of virtual collaboration. Usually you are the only librarian in a school and unless you have great relationships elsewhere in the county, it could be difficult to get new lessons or ideas. I think that blogging can be a way to share what’s happening in your classroom and inform the community about things that are going on. I have learned that the librarian is not just the book lady or book man but he/she has a responsibility to teach the students in the school. He/she has many different roles and should truly embrace the time that is given with each class. I can’t wait to use some of the ideas that I have seen this week in the blogs that I have posted.


2 thoughts on “Learning from many different Librarians

  1. Thank you so much for mentioning our library blog on your new blog! We are the Bulldog Readers because our school mascot is Alex the Bulldog!
    Keeping up a blog will enhance your skills as as you find others on the same path, you will have so many opportunities to learn. I learn something new every day from the team of librarians on the internet!
    If you ever have a question, please feel free to ask. You can also follow me on Twitter as @Mrs_Hembree.
    Welcome to Team Librarian!
    Julie Hembree

  2. slm508dle says:

    Thank you so much for the well wishes! I can’t wait to become a librarian because the community is so welcoming! I look forward to following your blog because you have so many great ideas!

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