Flickr Galleries

I think that Flickr could be very useful in the classroom. I feel like it would be a great way for teachers to get their students excited about a lesson. I love to show movies to my students or short clips that relate to the topic and I feel like Flickr is another great way to grab their attention. I also love how the gallery is all on one spot and you do not need to click onto different photos for the others to pop up, if that makes sense. 🙂 Overall I think that Flickr is going to be a program that I plan on using this year with my students.

I chose to do a gallery on Sea Life because in my classroom we do a research project on different sea animals. I feel like this gallery would get students excited about the different animals that they can choose to study. Normally I would just have students pick the animal from the words up on the screen, but if I actually show them these magnificent pictures, I feel that it would really spark their interest. Once students get a chance to see the animals that they have a chance to study I think that they will really become excited about this project.


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