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3.0 Find, Generate, Record, and Organize Data/Information: Students will be able to follow an inquiry process to find, generate, record, and organize information relevant to the information need in an ethical manner. (AASL 21st 1)

1. Use specific sources to find information.

a. With guidance, use keywords and text features to help find information within a specific source.

Above I have cut and pasted the specific curriculum content standard that I have chosen to focus on, but the original document can be found here. I have created a Flickr Set that supports this content standard by taking pictures of different types of Text Features within a History text book. Students need to be able to decipher between different text features in order to choose a specific source. This will them help them to organize their information and decide what is relevant by skimming and looking for text features.

I would use this Flickr Set as an introduction to Text Features. Students may be familiar with some of these features, but not all. Before I want them to find information within a specific text, I would like them to understand what they are looking for within the text. I feel that this introduction would work best with second or third grade students in the media center because they are just beginning to learn about using text features. I feel that this would be a good review for students who are in fourth and fifth grade, and that I could go deeper into the discussion within the pictures with this age level. The idea of using this Flickr Set in different ways for different grades is interesting to me and I think that that is a perk to using Flickr because you can differentiate between the content and the discussion that is shared. I am excited to use this new technology resource in the classroom and hope to become more familiar with it in the future.

The book I used:

Dallek, R., Garcia, J., Ogle, D.M., & Risinger, C.F. (2008) American History: Beginnings to 1914. Evanston, IL: McDougal Littell/Houghton Mifflin Company.


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