Mixbook: A Web 2.0 Tool

Mixbook is a Web 2.0 tool that allows teachers or students to create scrapbooks, cards, story books, yearbooks, or even calendars. In this program students or teachers can upload photos to create their product. Then this can be published for others to view as well as printed (for money) to have in the classroom as a memory.

I have created a Mixbook introducing students to the way that the library is organized. Using the Maryland State Curriculum I have made this anticipatory set tie into the curriculum. (2.0 Locate and Evaluate Resources and Sources: Students will be able to follow an inquiry process to identify, locate, evaluate, and select resources and sources in a wide variety of formats to meet the information need in an ethical manner. (AASL 21st1) B. Locate and Evaluate Sources 1. Locate and select sources to meet the information need. a. With guidance, identify the sections of the media center and the attributes of the sources located within each section. Grades 2-3) http://www.mdk12.org/share/vsc/vsc_librarymedia_grpk8.pdf

 I would use this anticipatory set to get students excited about what they will be doing in the library that day. The students will get to give their own ideas about how a library is organized and then we will have a discussion about Melvil Dewey and his Dewey Decimal System (DDS). The Mixbook then introduces the objective of the lesson which will be to learn the different sections that are in the library. I would plan to take the students on a tour so that they can see the different numbers and types of books in that section. I would have some books out so that they can visualize the types of books in each section and we would have small discussions about the different books. Over several days I would allow students to draw pictures of the different types of books in each section and then I could add their pictures to my Mixbook. This way students would be able to take ownership of their learning.

My Mixbook: Finding Books in the Library


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