Learning Technologies: A Final Reflection

Over the past several weeks I have been learning a lot about the various forms of technology that are available to educators. I actually created this blog because of an assignment for my Learning Technologies class. I never thought that I would be capable of understanding and engaging in so many different Web 2.0 Tools and different types of Social Media. All of these tools will enhance the learning environment for students in my class.

As a culminating assignment I was to create a lesson that utlized technology to engage and motivate, as well as allow students to have an authentic learning experience. My lesson was written to be utlized by a media specialist and hopefully one day when I become a media specialist I will be able to use it with my third grade classes. My students will be creating a VoiceThread as the final product. They will be using DIIGO to research a sea animal in groups and then will collaborate together to report about the information that they learned. Check out my lesson on my wiki page, which is another form of technology that I have learned about in this course.

I can’t believe that this class is almost over because it seems as though I have been through a whirlwind of learning! I have learned about so many types of Web 2.0 Tools and Social Media that I cannot wait to start using in my classroom.



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